Do you need a travel adapter ?

Travel is a website made in order to help people plug their electrical devices properly when travelling to another country.
Electric sockets, plugs, but also voltage and frequency vary from a country to another.
We have developed this website in order to help people moving to another country, be sure they can plug their electrical devices and use them.

Plug and sockets

There are more than 13 different types of plugs and sockets worldwide. Some of then are compatible with one another. Select a country on the right, or browse by continent on the top menu to check the shape of the local plugs and sockets in a specific country. Keep in mind that some regions in a specific country may use different plugs and sockets that the one listed in this website.
If your plugs don’t fit the local electric sockets, you will need an adapter. We provide links to buy 100% compatible adapters.


The voltage is displayed in Volts (V). You can’t use your electrical devices that require another voltage than the local voltage. Even with a plug adapter, do not try to plug your electrical devices. In this case you need a transformer or an elevator. Some advanced adapters are also voltage transformers. Double check this before pluging your devices!
Some electricial devices are built to work on a large range of voltages (eg 100-240V). The voltage is always written somewhere in the product (small label)


The electric power frequency is displayed in hertz (Hz)
The frequency worldwide is 50 Hz (Europe, Main parts of Asia Oceania and Africa) or 60 Hz (North America, large part of South America, and some
The majority of the electrical devices can be uses both on 50 or 60 Hz current. Keep in mind that if you use a 50Hz Alarm Clock in a 60 Hz country, it main gain time…!

Browse our country list on the right or look for your destination country in the menu bar to see if you will need a travel adapter! Is you do, we provide links to buy 100% compatible adapters for your destination! Enjoy your time abroad and stay pluged!